Fridge swing vs slide?

Anyone ever tried to make a swing out fridge vs a slide out? I made a quick bed rail mounted place to just secure my fridge in the bed for a trip last weekend (had some extra 1.5"x2" .120 laying around) and it got me thinking.

Not sure what you’d gain other than some more tailgate space but I like the idea for some reason.


I haven’t seen anything like that before. In my opinion it is a more efficient use of cargo space because it rotates out rather than a slide creating dead space on a track.
Something like this could serve many other overlander, not just GFC Camper owners. The application may limit the size of the fridge?

I was thinking about the same idea, Josh. So it was great to find your post. Did you end up installing it on your truck?

No I never moved forward with it. Have just been running the fridge on the backseat floor. Still deciding if this gains me anything over a slide.

There would be an extreme amount of leverage on the swing arm with only one side, especially all the way open. It would only take a kid grabbing on to find a juice box to rip it out of your truck.

Was planned to use rear bumper swing out pivots, which could easily support the load, and would be plated to the bed, but again seems like too much work to gain not that much functionally.