Fridges: Dometic vs Engel (vs. Other?)

Hey folks, I’m looking to add a fridge to my future setup. I understand Engel benefits from proven decades of reliability and a simple/robust motor. It seems Dometic provides slightly more efficient power consumption, and seems to have a pretty strong following among the GFC community.

I’d love to get insight into the fridges you all use and why. Thank you!

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I’ve been running an Indel B T51A for about 5 years now and it’s been great.

It has handles, I just removed them to make more space.

A vote for dometic. I’ve had my 75dzw for almost 3 years and love it. Enough space for almost 2 weeks of food and drink for 2 people. I searched the depths of Google and stumbled across a 40% corporate discount code that worked since sadly they stopped giving pro deals.


Any feedback on the arb fridges?

i am enjoying my dometic CFX3 55IM and it fits nicely what truck do you have, just curious about the fit in your back seat?

i have a 2nd gen tacoma DCSB that i deleted the 40% seat and used some 3/4 inch russian birch plywood for the base, two 12 inch L-track for attach the fridge to - as well as sound deadened the back third of the truck

i attempted to fit an ARB ZERO 63 but i found i couldn’t install or remove without moving the drivers seat etc etc and it was more difficult to secure - due to less room (especially at the back of it) the dometic is only slightly smaller, but is much easier to handle (to me) im very happy with its performance - also please note, i have very few wood work skills or tools so there is that too

Thanks for sharing that approach! I hadn’t considered the in-cab alternative.

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Ive had my Dometic CFX50W mounted in my bed for 2 years without coverage or protection and its still going. My vote it Dometic ! Just blow out the fan from dust once in a while

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Been running Engel mt45 for 10 years now. Zero issues. Draws 45-55 watts running with low draw at startup. I’ve definitely admired the Dometics but I’ll stick with my Engel for now. Ask me again I’m 10 years.

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