From Connecticut to Montana and Beyond

The mission should we choose to accept it: drive from Connecticut to Montana to pick up our GoFast camper on Monday. Head to Yellowstone, Grand Teton and then west from there for who knows where for the next month.

Headed out yesterday for our first leg of the journey with our stuffed Tacoma and very eager to be away from work around 4pm.

Made it almost to Ohio but decided to play it smart and stop for the night, no sense in rushing since the appointment isn’t until Monday anyway.

In Ohio and about to cross over into Indiana and meet up with an eastbound friend coming back from a trip to Oregon. Might as well grab a beer and hug about it before sending him home.

Not much for pictures so far so you get what you get but I will add as the journey goes on when I’m not driving!


Stopped by 18th street brewing and distillery in Gary, Indiana and had some fun with my old and new road trip buddies.

If you ever get a chance to drop by, say hi to Diamond for us and try their take on the dark and stormy which uses their Bourbon barrel aged rum

After parting ways and sending Tom homeward bound we continued north and west and grabbed some deep dish from giordano’s in Chicago, my first time having actual Chicago deep dish. Amazing but basically had to be rolled to the truck.

Made it another few hours and into Wisconsin. Torrential downpour the entire time.
Trip so far:


Nice man! Keep us posted. I might be doing this same route from Maine. Btw I’m team Lou Malnati’s :pizza: :wink:


Made it from Wisconsin North Dakota last night! Saw some wildlife in the process, an armadillo in south dakota if you can believe it

Onward to Montana and our GoFast!


How are you guys dealing with the insane wind in SD? I’m super annoyed, getting 8mpgs due to the 40mph gusts. You being thrown all over the road as well or is it just me lol

Yep! Almost threw us off the road. Insane. We took rt 12 all the way across sd and into nd.

Made it to Montana yesterday morning but haven’t had a chance to post yet.

Got the GoFast installed!

The guys, gals and dog were great! They even filled out water for camping that night.

Install went great and on recommendation ended up having some beers at maps brewing.

B-lined towards yellowstone and set up the first camp at eagle creek just outside the park. Not too shabby

Spent today in yellowstone but too tired to post more so…more to come!

Headed for washington in the morning


Oh man! Giordano’s brings back great memories of my days spent traveling to Chicago for work.

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@Rising that blue and black combo looks great!

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It does! We think the truck needs a new name since it looks so different now

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Thanks for sharing your adventure. I will be getting my install on July 16th. I have a question for you. How were you ever able to make a reservation at Yellowstone? I’ve been trying for sometime now and still cant get one.

Also, if you are on your way back through home to Connecticut we live just minutes from HWY 76 80/90. Our zip code is 44429 Lake Milton, OH. You are welcome to make this a stop

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We actually ended up staying just outside the park at the eagle creek campground which is a first come first serve location. Was only us and one other truck camper on the other side of the campground. Eagle Creek Campground

NF-3243, Gardiner, MT 59030
(406) 848-7375

This is what I used to book for Yellowstone campsites. I checked every other hour (daily) for the dates I wanted and was able to find 2 spots at 2 different locations. Good Luck!

Thanks for that info. Were you able to get park passes into Yellowstone?

Thanks for this info. Its definitely an esier link to book on vs. the other Ive been using.

It was pretty empty when we went. Bought a pass at the gate for like 30 bucks or so if memory serves

I hope your trip went well! I’ll be shipping our F150 from CT to Bozeman, flying out for Nov 18 install, and then driving back to CT. Will be taking MTB’s but timing isnt great as it will be freezing, but not yet ski season! Any tips on nice spots returning west back to CT? I haven’t seen a GFC in person - you anywhere near West Hartford?

Sorry just saw this! You still out there?

I’m in Manchester ct

Hey Rising! This has been a bit painful - trucking company has still not picked up the F150. When they do, I’ll fly out to Bozeman and be driving back - and I’ve pulled the bikes out of the truck and loaded in ths skis!!

So you have a GFC in manchester?? How are you liking it? We’re closeby in West Hartford