Front Molle Panel

Looking for someone in the Orange County, CA area that is willing to meet to let someone measure the inside front of their V1 GFC camper.

These are being made for the V2 campers but need measurements for the V1.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Who makes these panels for the V2?

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The guy is in socal designing these and producing these.

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Does he have a website?

How do i get my hands on a v2?

Same. Interested for a V2.

I am in OC with a V1. Short bed 3rd gen Tacoma. Feel free to message me.

Also looking for one for a v2. Not sure it exists yet?

Sign me up as interested for a V2 Tacoma front Molle Panel - just need to know price and dimensions.

Edit** also want to know finish options. Best case is a hammered black powder to match the other metal bits in the camper.


I’m interested in one of these as well. Looking for my V2.

Interested in one for a V1 xl

Also interested in V1 XL.

@hardkorps @NClabo Are either of you from the socal area? We just need to measure a v1 xl camper and then I’m sure we could make them.

Unfortunately no. I’m in East TN. I just wanted to voice my interest in case we could put together a batch order.

You might want to check with @GFC_Thomas. He likely has access to the dimensions you are looking for.

I’m in utah no luck on socal

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I’m in Vegas with a V1 XL.

Ryan who is making these panels only has measurments for a v2 standard camper. He’s open to making these molle panels to fit other GFC campers but he just needs to take measurments. I asked him I could post on a coulle different plateforms to see if I could find people that are in socal and willing to meet him and let him measure their campers.

That being said, he’s still looking to measure xl v1 campers, xl v2 campers, and v1 standard campers. He is also open to measuring cross platform (i.e. tacoma to ranger, frontier) to make sure all the measurements are still the same.

Hit me up if you’re willing to let him measure your camper andf your in the socal area.


I’m meeting him today to measure an XL V2


@dfinn Thank you!!!