Front Panel Bedding Catch

Just wanted to share a bedding catch that a friend and I came up with the other day that we made for under $30.

After seeing some outrageously expensive aftermarket bedding catches that take up ceiling room where the panels come out, I decided to rig up something myself using a $20 bungee netting from Walmart and a few Gardner Bender clamps.

Since I don’t have a front window on my go fast and don’t mind using that space we decided to put it there instead of the ceiling/floor.

We basically unscrewed 5 of the bolts on the space frame, screwed them back in with the clamps added, and ran the bungee net through the holes. We cut and tied any excess bungee, and burned the cord to prevent fraying.

The whole thing took about 20 minutes, cost me less than 30 bucks, and can hold quite a bit of stuff.


Nice work, when camping with my wife she “mandates” regular sleeping pillows which take up so much space.

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Got a close up of the clamps/hooks or a link? That’s a simple mod that definitely makes life easier

Yeah it’s just these (I don’t remember if they are 1 inch or half inch, and I took the little rubber thing off.

You just stick the bolts through the holes and it makes a little loop.

awesome! thanks

maybe keep the rubber on so it doesn’t wear through the bungee over time

I remove the bolts from the holes and replace them with eyebolts. Cheap, easy to find, strong, and won’t wear through and cut the bungees.