Front panel loose screws

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Has anyone had their screws that mount the front panel to the frame come loose? Was just filling up the truck and happened to notice 2 were rattling around, surprised they didn’t come out. Seems like it may be tricky to tighten considering (I don’t think) the head is a standard Philips or flathead, it’s in a really tight place, and I’m not sure they’re actually threaded vs some other form of fastener?

Completed a service request but figured I would reach out on case anyone has some working knowledge they’d like to share.

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Hey Mark! Those are actually something we call pocket locks! If you submit a Service Request Form, we will get you fixed up with how to tighten those back up!


Submitted, Thanks Thomas!

I had the same issue. I noticed it when I returned to Denver from picking up the camper. I just put pressure on the head and twisted until it caught. Seems like they won’t fall out or I would have lost all mine. Haven’t had any issues since. Share back with what GFC said from your service request. Want to know if I solved the problem or just put a bandaid on it. Thanks


Yep they are captured. Drove from Montana back to Austin and drove another 200 miles with it popped. After broken foot healed up I climbed up there with a flathead screwdriver wrapped in electrical tape and re-engaged the fastener. Has yet to come loose again.

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Yep.Wrapping the screwdriver is key, these are aluminum and can strip easily, per several old posts by bummed gfc owners. Just making note for anyone else coming across this thread


Correct either wrap screwdriver in electrical tape or plumbing tape to protect it from stripping.


Thanks for sharing. It would be nice to have a GFC check list available for GFC owners to use to go over their camper periodically or after a road trip. I will be making one up for my self. Reading these issues is very helpful.


There was supposed to be a bit driver bit for these… Guessing it hasn’t happened yet.

My cab side pocket locks are good but my buddy’s are coming out on the bottom edge by the bed rail. There’s no way of addressing this without sliding the camper back. He had put a bunch of “stuff” around the gasket to seal the camper to bed so I think it’s suddenly a bigger task than just loosening the clamps and whatnot.

I removed my rear door once to work on the glass and the pocket locks are kind of a unique amount of force and feel very different than a bolt. I stripped 2 really badly with a wrapped screwdriver because they weren’t set in quite far enough. No idea how the cab side ones perform, but they should turn relatively easily…no more than a light turn of the wrist. If it’s taking more than that, good chance they aren’t quite lined up.

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Yeah, hopefully that is still on the agenda?

How did you all access the pocket locks between the panel and the back of the cab with your screw driver? Seem like you need a little stubby one and a twig arm to turn it, or a long ass shaft (like 2 ft or something) to come from the front.

Yep a stubby and fortunately I have a Tundra so my back window tapers forward a bit. I was able to stand on a step ladder and clothed-line a stubby flathead.

Following up here with guidance from GFC:

Looks like a couple of your Pocket Locks came unsecured. Good thing is, this is an easy fix and will only take a few minutes and flat head screw driver.
Simply push the Pocket Lock flush against the panel with the interface horizontal, next turn the interface 90 degrees to the left or right until you feel a small click or pop.
This means the Pocket Lock is engaged.

Worked fine for me, hope this helps others. I did throw some electrical tape on the end of the flathead based on recommendations from others here, because the flat head does not fit well in the pocket lock.

Hi Thomas, looks like the same 2 pocket locks came loose again after I tightened them a couple months ago. Is this to be expected, that I’ll just have to monitor and tighten every few months, or do you think my screws are dysfunctional? Probably only 2k more miles of pavement since the last time I tightened them.

Shoot us an email/submit a service request form. We have a more permanent solution for ya!


Update: I’ve been too lazy to remove the topper so I can properly replace the pocket locks, so I took a torch to a flat head and came up with a real ghetto solution. Also found a long flat head from harbor freight that helps access the locks in the middle up top. No way to get to the 2 locks on the bottom in the center. Will eventually bite the bullet and replace the locks with GFC provided gear.