Front panel mounts

Has anyone out there mounted anything to the bottom of the front fixed tent floor panel? If so, I’d be interested in how you did it and if the mounting hardware affected the cushion above. I’m thinking that would be a great place to mount a rack for my 2-piece and 5-piece fly rod cases to stay off the cabaña floor. I’m just at the idea stage of this project. I have the V1, btw…


Nice idea. I haven’t tried it myself but I wonder if this would be a good application for the vhb double sided tape?

Ok. So I’m thinking about this again…
Has anyone mounted to the underside of the bed panel closest to the cab? I’d be interested in how you accomplished that. Also, is there any reason that I can’t drill through that panel? Not sure what’s inside or what a drill bit might encounter. Are those panels constructed of wood or something else?

This time I’m thinking about adding additional general storage rather than a dedicated flyrod case mount.


I believe the floor is 1” thick plascore. Similar to the roof but twice as thick so a lot stronger. You can unzip the removable square mattress pads to get a look at the material.

I’ve seen a few posts on the forum where people have drilled through it to pass wires so I don’t think you would have a problem.

Edit: forgot you have a V1. The front panel might be different on that one I’m not sure.

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Throwing this question out to @GFC_Support. Can i drill through the front sleeping panel on a V1?
Still interested in other user experiences…


Wouldn’t be an issue to drill a hole through the fixed floor. The V1 and V2 material for the floor/roof is the same.

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Fwiw VHB works great for this application. I have a narwheel mount right there. I have driven several thousand miles with a wheel mounted on it and it hasn’t moved.

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I thought about the 3M tape, but I will be using this space for different storage depending upon the type of trip I’m loading for. I’ll post my completed project when its done. Decided to go with these for attaching to the panel.

Our Products : Tie Down Straps : Winch Straps : Lodi Metals, Inc.

Going to use straps to to hold my storage container so the container is removable when not needed. Then I can use the straps for other things. Gives me some flexibility without an extensive addition to the camper space.


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Oh! Those look awesome. I have climbing bolt hangers on pretty much every frame mounting point GFC builds into these things. I really don’t know why they don’t just come that way? It’s like $20 worth of hardware and makes your rig WAY more configurable.

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I used a cargo net in that section instead of mounting anything to the tent platform floor. If you intend to store varying things up there it doesn’t get any more flexible than a net IMO.

My fly rod, paper towels, and a kite live up there year round. I can open the cargo net to the eyelets in the middle of the frame when additional stuff needs to be stashed up there.

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I agree 100%. I may use a net part time. Also have ability to store rod cases, if all goes well. I’ll update here…

My project got stalled…

My hardware envelope showed up empty. Didn’t know that strap hardware was a hot commodity. I’ll be dealing with that into the new year, I’m sure. I have an idea for securing my wife-friendly bedding with flexibility for times that I just go with solo bedding.


I’m going to replace one of the smaller panels with a storage bin (modified)
This way the tent portion closes fine, but I have an upstairs storage area accessible when the tent is up.
Maybe a few holes for cabling too.

Why drill through the panel, set it aside and get a 1 inch piece of wood 25 x 25, that way you can go nuts and not worry about the GFC panel for resale.

I like your idea of a storage bin in place of a small cushion square. Creative. Please post pics when you’ve got it all in place.


I’m re-posting my front storage solution for bedding… I just realized I didn’t post here.

The quilt, electric blanket, extra sheet, and pillows have been taking up space in the truck bed on travel trips or any trip where my wife and I need the electric blanket setup if it will be cold and we’ll have access to electricity.
I came up with this to hoist the bedding out of the way. Making it easy to retrieve and stow, and not interfering with my rear view window view when stowed.


Loading bedding:

Stowed by tightening the straps:

I will generally leave this setup home when going solo without my wife. Its easy to disassemble and store in my tuff shed.



If you’re good with tools and stuff you could add a door in the portion that hangs down so it’s always accessible.
I currently have no tools, so I’m limited as to how creative I can be.