Front storage bags

I really want these from VRNCLR

BUT, best I can tell from the site, $620 for both the R and L bags is outta sight outrageous! Even $310 for the R/L pair is definitely pushing it. I just can’t accept that sort of financial slap in the face. Then I have to wait up to 4 weeks? Nah…
I thought about bicycle frame bags, but there’s the R and L side issue as most frame bags only have a zipper on one side.

Anyone solved this issue or have a suggestion? I may try to create some bags on my own, but I’m generally lazy AF.


There must be something on AMZ folks have tried that are inexpensive, no?

I used wire ties and mounted a welded wire shelf from a heavy duty garage storage system and a set of bicycle paniers (4) which make a very useable system for storage on the front GFC space frame. I had all the parts so cost was zero. Look at other things you have that might be repurposed.


Are those types of bags in demand right now? My production number is in the 1100’s so I’m just getting familiar with all the different ways to kit these things out, but having access to my own personal seamstress (Thanks mom!), I could have a lot of these made pretty easily…hardest part will be material selection.

I’m also looking into the idea of making a bug net to go around the whole thing so in Cabana-mode it can be bug free. Do you guys think that’s something people would like to see?

Did you see the frame bag that @ace7196 did? Its on his build page. Looks custom but I’m not sure. I have a guy who made custom sheets and sowed a rear awning for me. I was thinking he could probably do a bag frame too.

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I’ve been in contact with Grey Man Tactical. They said they can do custom panel sizes, they charge a one-time $150 design fee, and based on the rough dimensions (22x32x19) I gave them (both L&R), about $175 each panel for a rigid molle panel with about a 4wk turnaround. I’m sure they’d be willing to do a group buy type deal. I was thinking of going this route because it would have unlimited options and isn’t an asinine price of someone trying to make a quick buck. Anyone else interested?


Hi. Just got back from a go fast camp off the grid. I’m interested in some form of front storage. Removable bags are my first choice. I’m thinking that they could be removed and packed with whatever inside the house then replaced.