Frontrunner wind deflector
Got this to try out and found I’d rather get a rack for double duty vs just a wind deflector. Got the widest as I wanted to cover the entire front which it does though the ends don’t sit down on the roof but the majority of the center does as you’re supposed to mount it. I have a Tacoma so it may sit more flat on a larger truck. The strip of material you put on the roof for the rubber to sit on is unused. I wanted to try it out first before installing. Due to the width, I did notch out the ends a bit as can be seen in the pics. It will fit no problem with the notches under the hinges Have all the hardware that came with it. No, wasn’t mounted on a GF but similar. I mounted it with the hinges only and worked well. May not work with a rack (unless cut short) due to straight side sitting below the camper about an inch or so. There is still space for flex and had no issues with brackets hitting roof. I did have it on for one trip and for initial install…

** Unless it is mounted as directed (rubber strip against the roof), it will bump the roof and be noisy. I raised it up a bit to get some space and while it did work better, wind does push it back since it’s not resting on the roof.

** If you have the fancy metal rain gutters and want to keep them this won’t work since it goes full width of camper. Homemade versions could work.

** Can’t give any specifics on if I got better MPG. The majority of the route was curvy up and down hills so couldn’t get an accurate difference. Noise is relative due to the tires and and such. Turbulence/noise may have been a bit better.

Will see about a pic to show basic fit on truck/camper.
$205 new

$175 shipped unless local pick up. Paypal preferred and first to pay has dibs. I’m in Winston-Salem, NC