FS 2021 GFC v2 camper for 2019 -2023 Ford Ranger Crew cab Sold!

Sold! Sold! Sold! Sold!

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hi there-- where are you located?

Detroit OR. I guess that’s an important detail. I added it to the original post.

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Driving to ND from Oregon in September. Anyone want to meet me and exchange a camper for cash?

Good luck. Detroit OR is one of my favorite spots. Lots of side country exploring out that way.

Does this have the Front and Rear Window options?

No, it does not

Just sent you a DM

See you have maine in your profile, you headed this way?

Not until June or July time frame. It’s raining too much there.

As in next June or July? I would be interested if it’s still around when you head back

I hope it sells by then. It wont fit the F350 I ordered.

Well if you are headed this way before then let me know I’m a buyer

Do you have this posted on Facebook or have you thought about heading to New England

i will take it, i will love to get more photos though email : davidrileyair@gmail.com

Now that I’m back online again, this is still for sale

Hey there, three questions:
Is this still available?
If so, does it have the old 2" pads, or the newer 3"?
And are you still planning to drive to SD in Sept, and if so, when?

I’m still in if you ever make it to the east coast

Its still available, No idea on the thickness. The camper is two years old, I think its two inch pads. I’m driving to Hillsboro ND.

Thanks for the answers!
What date will you be driving to SD? I’m in Denver and could drive north to meet you, if it’s sometime in the middle two weeks of the month; I’m on the coasts for work the first and last weeks, unfortunately.