FS 2021 GFC v2 camper for 2019 -2023 Ford Ranger Crew cab

I’m leaving oregon on the 18th of September. Timing will be just a bit off, I think.

Hi there is this still available? Are you back in Oregon?

It’s still available, but I’m in Eastern North Dakota for a few weeks, then off to Northern MN for the Winter. I’ll be back in Maine before I head back to the PNW

Is the GFC with you or still in Oregon? If it’s in Oregon can you help coordinate more photos and the sale with someone there?

@nsmith Sorry, no, the camper is still on my truck, with me.

When do you think you will be back in Maine, thinking of putting an order in for a topo mesa but if we could work this out I would be interested in holding off.

End of June.

Are you still in nd I,am very interested in your GFC call me at 307 231 5361

I’m in Thief River Falls. It’s pretty close to Eastern ND.

@tdockter in northwestern minnesota

I’m definitely interested! I know you are currently up North in MN and I am in SoCal. Not sure if you have plans to come back towards the west coast but I would meet be willing to find a spot to meet. Let me know!