FS - 2022 GFC Camper V2 - Ram 5'7" Bed 2009-2023 SOLD

Family life forcing me to change vehicles and move to RTT. Selling truck and camper. Listing is for camper only but if interested in everything message me.

2022 V2 Platform Camper. Black, stone grey fabric, 2 side windows and 2 side doors. Ladder from GFC. Barely 1 year old, excellent condition.

Price: $7700 OBO

Located in Bozeman, MT. Will be in eastern ID, northern UT as well as ND/SD/MN/IA this summer.

Message me with questions, more photos soon.

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Is the camper still available?

Hey. Its still available but we are heading out on a camping trip tomorrow. Where are you located?

Sorry for the delay, I went out of town this weekend too. Is your ram a 4th or 5th gen? I’m looking for a 5th gen 5’7” bed length camper.

Hey Blane:

I have a 2015 Ram. 4th gen. GFC indicated this would fit any 5’7" Ram bed from 2009 on. I can confirm this with them. Where are you located?


I’m in Hayden, ID. I’m interested if it fits my truck properly!

I’m interested
Is this still available
I have a 2022 ram rebel

Hey man. Still available.

Per GFC:
"Hi Zach,

Thanks for reaching out. Great question! Your 2015 Ram 1500 5’7" camper will fit 2009-2023 Ram 1500 5’7" beds. We have not be able to confirm the fitment yet for the 2024 Rams.

Hope this helps!

Please let us know if you have any other questions."

Let me know what you think. I’m in Bozeman.

Any other questions?

interested but schedule doesn’t allow me to make that drive out.
i’ll keep an eye on this one for when I can make the drive out!

Where are you located? I travel a lot for work and could drive instead of fly if it works. Thanks for looking.

currently in southern california but i may have to travel overseas to visit family soon!
i also have a bed rack and roof tent that I need to move before i fully commit too.

Does this fit a 1500 or 2500?

If it fits a 2024 ram 2500, interested in picking it up tomorrow

I can ask GFC if it fits a 2024 2500. I’ll let you know what they say. I assume you’re local?

Just looking on the Ram site, I don’t see a short bed option for the 2500. This fits a truck with a 5’7" bed so I don’t think it’ll work.