FS: 4Runner w/ superlite (not seller-friends*)

My buddy is selling his truck and recently got the superlite. Figured worth a post in here. I can relay questions to him or you can reach out direct thru the post.


It looks like it’s got a lift on, but that information is omitted in the ad if you want to let your buddy know. Respectfully, the market must be insane right now in San Diego for a $24K asking price.

Got me curious enough to KBB it. Even tacking on 10k in extras still comes up 8k short. Maybe there’s some Doge or GME certificates stashed in the door panels? (going from good to very good only adds $700)


I’ll let him know for sure

I can’t speak to the pricing. Just figured I’d throw the post up here for a good buddy.

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No worries, I’m all for helping folks out. It is more of a curiosity. Just wondering if I was missing something. Cheers!

Haha I hear ya. If there was $AMC in the panels, I’d pay for that rocket ship @zwickt

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Would you buddy just sell the superlite? And is it the upside down “launch edition”?

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He said he wants to sell truck and tent as package. And yeah it’s one of the super rare limited edition upside down GFC logos. Lol.