FS #815 XL Ram Short Bed. Brand New & @ GFC

#815 is a brand new, never installed, XL camper that I purchased for a 2019 Ram Rebel. The camper is supposed to fit other 5’7” Ram (dodge) beds.

Price = 7,000 without Beef Bars. If you want the bars I’ll work out a small deal for you, otherwise I’ll sell as a separate item on the market place.

Camper is ready to be picked up at GFC or to have shipping arranged.

Camper has the new hinge designs and there is an order of Beef Bars if interested.

I do not have pics as it’s at GFC but can probably get some if interested. The frame is powder coated gray and the shell is black.

Please leave any questions in the thread and I will get back to you ASAP.

Edit (9/23/2020): These additional options were ordered for the tent:

  1. Window - Camper Option x 1 $200
  2. Tent Side Entrance, driver Side x 1 $350

Thanks a lot


@HRiver Hi Bill, Does the 2019 Ram Rebel have hte same box rails and the 2014?

I have a 2014 1500 5’7" bed and I am interested in this.

Complicating factor, I am in Vancouver, Canada. I have sent a message to GFC to see if they would ship.
Pictures would be helpful. Does it have any options?

@Penum thanks for your interest. I’m going to ask GFC for some pictures…I’m sure they have some but it obviously won’t be mounted on the truck. As for beds, I think we’re good to go. Both are 5’7" but let me see what GFC says about it…they may have some insight.

@HRiver sounds good. Waiting to here from them on shipping options!

Pictures from GFC as well as information regarding what trucks this will fit.

Per GFC “This camper will fit all RAM trucks with the short bed from 2003-current.”

Hmm…new users can post 1 pic per post…incoming!

Third and final.

@HRiver Thanks Bill! Would this have the new redesigned hinges?
Still haven’t heard back from GFC on shipping to Vancouver.
Does this come with the mounts for an awning?


Also forget to ask if it has fitted sheets?

Hey there - Yes, I was told it was the new hinge design. Also, I did not get fitted sheets or an awning mount. However, I did add an these addition options:

Window - Camper Option x 1 $200
Tent Side Entrance, driver Side x 1 $350

I’m sure they will get back to you soon…no rush on my end.


@Hriver is there an email I could get you at?

@Penum just send you a DM with contact information.

Anyone know if you can add the cab window when it’s already completed?

To the top…still available.


Very interested. DM’d you. Thanks!

Camper is sold pending payment.

Thanks all!

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