FS: Camper #446 - Gen 3 Tacoma Short Bed GFC (SoCal)

Thanks for those who expressed interested, but camper is now sold.

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I have an interest in your camper. Thanks!

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I’m interested in this camper. Thanks -

I sent you a PM, thanks.

Im still anew user so I cant PM you yet.
I’d be more than happy to buy this camper from you, best of all I’m in San Diego so it’d be an easy commute for both of us.

Hell we can even meet at Holcomb and swap the camper out at the end of the day.


Camper is tentatively sold as of tomorrow.

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How much is this selling for?

Update for anyone still following: I bought this from @tacoma_bear on Friday. We did the swap in my driveway and everything went great. It’s staying in Southern California. Super stoked!