FS: Chevy Colorado CCLB v2, Waiting for Delivery

Hi, I have a camper (#1427) in the queue for a 2020 Chevy Colorado Crew Cab Long Bed but unfortunately am moving to Europe at the end of this year. I’ve already fully paid for the camper (not delivery or install) so I don’t think there’s much room for changing the configuration without incurring more cost (can confirm with GFC). The exact config is below. The earliest I could get delivery in NorCal was September so perhaps we could arrange to have it installed directly on the buyer’s truck.

I’d like to recoup my cost so far.

  • Unit #: 1427
  • Truck Model: 2020, Chevy, Colorado/Canyon, 74
  • Cabana Panels Color: White
  • Window Options: Both
  • Added Tent Doors: No

Confirmed that i cannot change the config.
I will also be trying to sell the vehicle this fall.
2020 Chevy Colorado Crew Cab Long Bed, Duramax Engine with 40k miles

Sent you a note about the Colorado/Camper.