FS: Custom Full Extension Bed Slide

Selling a custom-width full extension bed slide, made by CargoGlide (before Decked purchased them). The deck is 22 inches (overall width is about an inch more), with room for a fridge and wolfpacks, but narrow enough to still allow space to get into your GFC.

Full extension, metal construction, with a 1000lbs weight capacity extended.

Length is 72 inches, fits a Tacoma long bed perfectly, but other trucks too. Includes 4 tie-down points for a fridge that slide into a side track.

Recently sold my GFC.

Asking $1000 OBO in the Seattle area (willing to drive a few hours in any direction)

Photo loaded with GFC

Full extension

Figure it’s a long shot @seattle_taco but is this still for sale by any chance?