FS - GFC Camper V2 - Tundra Double Cab

GFC Camper V2 with both Windows and Camper Sides. Camper is on a 2021 Tundra Double cab 6’ 7" Bed. In excellent shape! Located in Chattanooga TN. Asking $7250


If you’re headed out west anytime soon I’d buy it! I’ll be in the CA, UT, CO, ID area for the summer.

Thanks for reaching out! Where are you located? No travel plans at the moment…

In CA for the next 2 weeks, then SLC for a week, and then in Boise for July!

Im jealous! Wish we could cross paths and make a deal.

Id be willing to split some of the shipping costs if we could maybe have it delivered by freight to you? Willing to work something out! Let me know your thoughts.

I’m in Knoxville and very interested! Currently on a family trip to Maine and won’t return for a couple of weeks, but can easily make the drive down to Chattanooga for pickup.

My Tundra is a 2014 double cab and I will measure, but nearly positive the bed size is the same as your truck.


Camper still for sale :+1:

I might have to give this some thought, though Im in AZ.

Hey @mtb-sam Do you still have this?