FS GFC super lite V1

Hi everyone! Looking to sell my V1 super lite that has only about 7-10 camping trips under its belt. It is in very good condition and has served me really well, but I’ve just decided to go a different direction as I’m really more of a backpacker. It has been such a fun tent while I’ve had it, and the light weight is a game changer. I’ve loaded and unloaded it on my car myself every time I’ve camped (and I’m a relatively small guy). I had a tepui roof tent before this and the comfort, look, functionality and ease of installment of this is about 1000x better than that. I did not purchase the mattress, this is for the tent and ladder only. I do have a memory foam pad (1.5” thick I think) in the camper that is a perfect fit and will be included. Location is Lansdale Pa which is 45 minutes north of Philadelphia. I’m happy to answer any questions or if there’s anything I left out!
$1750 OBO

Is this still for sale?

As of now yes

Would you be willing to ship it? I live in CO?

I can look into it but I would imagine it would be super pricey to ship

I understand, but if you have time to look into it I would appreciate it:)

Sorry it took so long, basically it would be like $500. And even at that they didn’t seem enthusiastic about helping me ship it….