FS - GFC Superlite Launch Edition - Southern California

Superlite Launch Edition for sale, located in South Orange County. Local pickup only $2,300. Includes mattress, ladder and mounting hardware. It was mounted on a Leitner rack, if you have the same rack I can include the mounting brackets for the Leitner rack. One of the loops for the side straps came off but no damage to the top cover.

Hey Jeremy is this still available ?


Yes it is still available. Here are a few more pictures:

I thought I had the Superlite sold this weekend but alas, the deal fell through. Lowering the price to $2,100 which is what it was going to sell for.

Hey Jeremey. I’m down here in San Diego. Can you tell me what the “launch edition” is? Im guessing it’s different from the ones that are being made now.



The Launch Edition were some of the first campers made and they can be identified by the GFC logo on the passenger side of the tent. The logo was printed upside down (see pic below). This particular camper was one of the first 400 made by GFC (I cannot remember the exact production number at the moment).

GFC has stopped production on the SuperLites for the time being, the info on why is on their website. I only point this out as it may be some time before Superlites are available for purchase from GFC.



Thanks for the insight Jeremy. I’m trying to figure out if the launch edition is any different than the ones that were being made last year. Was anything changed or not? Different materials? Upgrades? Etc. I’ll take a peak around the forums and see if I can get the answered and let you know.

Also, how long have you owned it? Has it always been on your truck? Or have you stored it.


As far as I know there were no differences between the launch edition and any campers made after. I have had mine since late May 2021 so it is not even a year old yet and I don’t believe any changes were made. The tent is stored indoors when not in use.

The tent sold 2/1/22