FS: GFC Tundra XL

FS: GFC camper, it was pickup on March 15 2020, is build #475, and only used 5 nights. Has lights, roof bars, and side door. Fits Toyota Tundra crewmax 5.5 bed. May fit other short bed full size trucks. Located in SoCal, 92677. $7000.00

Pm for pictures

Hi Bob.

I am interested in your camper and would love to see some pictures. I have a 2011 Toyota Tundra Crewmax 5.5 bed, it should fit my truck no problem right? Thanks!

Let me know if you need more pictures.


I have $7850.00 plus $1000.00 for shipping into this almost new camper. Save the 1 year wait. $7000.00, obo.

Still available? i live in OC too…

Yes it’s still for sale. Located in Laguna Niguel


Hi Bob,
Could you do me a big favor? I’m wondering the measurement for how far the XL hangs over the cab. Thanks!

Cab overhang is 30 inches

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Hi Bob,

Are you the original owner? And did the hinges get replaced? TIA

Yes original owner. Got it on March 15 2020. No the hinges have not been replaced, but they will do it for you too

Appreciate the info…

Hi Bob, what year is your truck?

2017 Tundra crewmax !!!

Hi Bob, I am interested in your camper. Is it still available? Could you shoot me a text or call me at (208)659-6544. Thanks!

Bob, Still available or Sold?

I have a deposit on it now. If the purchase fails, I will contact you

Put me on the Contingency list. I can be reached at 928-863-8020.

I will do that. Thanks…

Did this sell? I am interested!

Hey how’s it going, Still available?