FS: GFC V1 Ram 6.4 Bed - Cortez, CO

V1 GFC for a 6’ 4" Ram, should fit 2008+ to my knowledge. Came off a 2018, and is on my 2022 currently. Has the updated hinges from GFC.

Lots of Extras:
Kinsmen 270 Awning ($2150) -Driver Side
Front and Rear Windows
Tent has driver side door only (no passenger side door)
Baja Lights (5x)
Axia Alloys Fire Extinguisher Mount
Axia Alloys Various Clamps, Shovel Mounts, Light Mounts
GFC Sheet Set
JEDF Latch Locks
3x Beef Bars
Prinsu Recovery Board Mounts on Beef Racks
VRNCLR Top Shelf Bag
Custom welded side shelf/storage. I’ll finish this up prior to the sale, need to carpet the plywood, finish up the mounting system and paint the frame.

This was on the Dometic SEMA AEV truck, hence a custom frame color that matched their show vehicle. It’s sort of a dark brown rust metallic color.

To replicate this build I’d estimate about ~$12K.


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Bump. Price drop to $8500/obo

Still available. This thing is sweet!

hey @PowerwagonSW, set up looks awesome. still up for sale?

Its sold. Forgot I had it posted here.

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