FS: GFC V2 RTT (Tangerine) - DFW, TX **SOLD**


I purchased this as soon as pre-orders opened up back in late 2020. While waiting for the tent they announced the updated V2 and this tent was from the second batch in production. The goal of my RTT purchases (softshell before this) was for my wife to join me more and since I took delivery of this V2 in April of 2021 she hasn’t really come with me as much as I’d like. I can’t park in my garage with the tent on and it’s difficult to put on myself so I find myself either sleeping in my vehicle or using my Gazelle more than the RTT.

In the nearly 2 years of ownership it’s performed great on numerous trips–I have only once been caught in a heavy downpour and did notice a very slight drip inside the front right corner of the tent, but no major intrusion. While on my most recent trip back in November I did hear a rattle and reached out to GFC which they determined the billet corners were chattering against each other. I made my own solution with foam tape, but they did send me the full weatherization kit which I have not opened if you prefer it instead and it should also take care of any interior drip if desired.

I also had the top wraped in a topo vinyl in an attempt to appease my wife and keep it as dark as possible inside so she could sleep in. I’m not necessarily desperate to sell it as I still really do enjoy the tent and it is quite comfortable and much easier when terrain is too uneven for my popup, but if I get a full price offer I would certainly take it.

Some specs about the tent:
-V2 RTT with tangerine tent fabric (Unit #186 according to one of my conversations with GFC) ($4000 MSRP)
-Aftermarket rack kit with 3 crossbars ($250 MSRP for standard 2 plus $125 for third)
-iKamper Ladder w/ angled rungs ($120 MSRP)
-GFC Mantis Claws (with Shittco spacers to fit properly into the iKamper ladder) ($200 MSRP)
-Shittco Awning Kit (Grommets installed on rear and ladder doors so you can run it in either position or buy a second kit and run it on both) ($100 MSRP)
-Vinyl wrapped roof ($650 for design and wrap/application)
-Agency6 billet handle (Orange) ($50 MSRP)
-VRNCLR Top Shelf (Green) ($175 MSRP)
-LED lights in interior track (~$25 on Amazon)

The Negatives:
-The aftermarket mount kit crossbars had some holes drilled in them to be able to direct mount them to my Eezi-Awn K9 setup for a direct tent mount. That was a year ago since I moved back to a full rack and the drilled holes have never impacted function, they’re just a little ugly.
-One of the outrigger blocks was damaged and thus I only have 5 of them (I was a moron who didn’t pay attention and cross threaded one of the holes). GFC only requires 4 for mounting, but I used 6 when I had the tent direct mounted. A new pair of 2 was $75 when I got them and GFC may be willing to sell you a single if you choose to use all 6.

As you can see from the above I have well over $5500 invested into this setup, but I’m also a realist who knows a lot of it is specialized and specific to my needs and wants.

I am located in DFW, TX and asking $3,750 FIRM–if the tent does not sell for that I will continue to use and enjoy it and try again in a few years when we break down and get a trailer.

I travel frequently throughout the year and currently have trips planned to SD and WY in late April/early May, CO in late May, family in northwest AR that we visit, and friends in south Louisiana that we will be visiting sometime this late spring/early Summer. As of now I am aiming for a local sale or sale to one of the locations I am visiting; otherwise I am willing to meetup somewhere within a 3 hour radius of Dallas.