Fs - gfc xl #316

Coming off the production line in the next few weeks. Wife decided we ‘need’ a van/RV so I’m going in a different direction.

Ordered for my 2016 Tundra 5.5’ bed.

Black panels, gray space frame, extra side door on tent.

Paid $6600 total, $6000 cash takes it.

You pick up for install at GFC HQ in Montana. Save some $$$ and skip the wait.

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You should really reconsider your asking price, no reason to take a loss. You shouldn’t have any problem getting back what you paid for it, esp. since it’s so close to being ready. I could be wrong but I thought I just saw a guy trying to sell his spot in line for $600 over on TW.


On the production line today

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Thats a killer deal! What date did you receive that email and get marked sealant curing?

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@Kwood see email I received yesterday

@cowboystaco pricing this to sell so that someone gets a deal and can pick it up from the factory and have it installed on their rig from Day 1, saves me cost of a trip to MT

If anyone out there is interested, please shoot me an email Erik@SkySlate.com

You should post this on EXPO PORTAL. There are lots of guys looking on there for availible campers.

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Trying to find a good home for GFC XL #316, shoot me an email and lets make a deal.


Sale Pending. Thanks!