FS GFC XL Tundra 6.5ft bed

I am selling my GFC XL #208. GFC is in great condition, I am the second owner. Owned it for one year now I am considering moving on from it. I would like to sell the GFC as a whole package and not just the GFC alone. I am located in Anaheim, CA. Asking 8,000

Extra amenities it comes with are:
-Front and Rear windows
-Fitted Sheets
-2 Cross bar rack mounts
-RhinoRack Batwing 270 awning
-GFC Awning brackets
-2 GFC 90 brackets
-Extra 2in Latex mattress (I was going to put it in, don’t have the time)

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I am very interested! I’ll sent you a PM

Can’t figure out how to pm. Give me a call whenever you get the chance. (949)697-2540

Bump on post. Price is negotiable if you do not want the awning.

Any idea if it would fit a 2019 ram rebel with a 6’4" bed?

Probably. Only one way to find out though. Throw it on or measure it out

Throw it on just like that without knowing if it fits, now that’s living on the edge haha.

Measure twice, pay once, cry once, then throw it on

Is this still available? If so I’m interested just got a 6.5 bed tundra.

Hello, I live in Orange County, and wanted to know if still available? Were the hinges replaced?


Yes, it is. They are getting replaced Thursday.