FS: GoFast V1 Camper #409 for DCSB Tacoma - San Diego - $7k

Selling V1 Camper #409 for a 5’ Bed Tacoma. Trying to shed some weight and an upcoming move to the east coast will change my camping style so the GFC is an overkill.

GFC Camper #409 for Short Bed Tacoma.
Black Panels and Orange Frame with added tent side door and upgraded embassy hinges.
Included Accessories:
GFC Wind Skid, Black
GFC Awning Mounts - 4 total, 2 old style, 2 embassy hinge style.
GFC Beef Bars - 2 Black Anodized
GFC 90 degree mount - 1
GFC light mount - 2 never installed
GFC camper track nuts - 3
GFC Tacoma Bed Rail Track Nuts - 3
Shittco Hack Blocks and 2 ARB RTT Window Rods
TruckParts.Parts GFC Lighting Kit - never installed
Duluth Trading Company Back Seat Bunker modified to fit in camper
ARB Awning 2000
McMaster-Carr Spirit Levels and Mounts - 4 total

$7,000. I will travel to you within about 400 miles of San Diego but you will need a way to transfer the GFC between trucks. I have a sort of sketchy way to move it here in San Diego that I used to switch it between my trucks but you pay before we move and accept all responsibility for the move. I’m traveling to the east coast at the end of November and will adjust my route for a buyer with a deposit.

Will accept a GFC Superlite and/or an Alu-Cab Canopy (or possibly another aluminum camper) at their full retail value as trade as that will be my next setup. Open to selling some of the accessories if it’s not inconvienient and I don’t find a buyer that wants everything.

Currently uploading more photos, let me know if you’d like anything specific. Got offered a superlite so uploading this before cleaning it up but I will clean it and post better shots tomorrow to include open and interior shots.

Send a PM by clicking my name and then on Message or DM me on Instagram at thebrwntrd


Bump! Good deal! Where on the east coast are you heading?

Will be heading to NJ, I’ll be hitting you up for some good spots to wheel back east and already have one trip planned with one of your DC area neighbors

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do you have pictures of the camper deployed?

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Ok, took a bit but lots of new pictures, let me know if there is anything else you’d like to see


Hey, I’m located in San Diego too. still available?

Yep, still available.

When will you be headed out east? I’m in NC but will be in NJ for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

End of November is when I’m leaving San Diego and should be in Central Jersey just before Christmas

Very interested. If still available, I could link up around the holidays in Jersey. Is there a way to PM on here? Trying to send you my email and/or cell

Made the cross country trip and emptied out the bed which prevented a sale along the way. If you are on the east coast and interested hit me up and we can work something out.

I’m from Dirty Jerzee… Central Jersey sounds like Joint Base MDL… there’s actually surprisingly several good places to camp and explore in the area…

You are correct about McGuire. I still plan on camping and exploring but won’t feel the need to be ready to go all the time. Any trips will either be short day trips or deliberately planned long trips that I can throw a tent on when I need it.

Do you still have the camper?

I do, wandering around WV right now

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Are you going to be coming back to San Diego anytime soon, that’s where I am located.