FS - Kinsmen Hardware 270 Awning for GFC BRAND NEW

Ordered this for my GFC XL build, but have since sold the GFC. This should complete within the week and be ready to ship out direct to you from Kinsmen. Includes GFC specific mounting brackets.

Cost me $1850 (plus the 3 month wait).
$1650 via Zelle or Paypal and it’s all yours.

Lets make a deal! Erik@SkySlate.com

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They’re all the same size, right?

Not a bigger model awning because it was for an XL?

Correct, the awnings are all the same size.

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Awning is configured for US Passenger side, ordered this way so it would be compatible with the driver side tent door on the GFC

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Awning sold, thanks!

Damn 23min too late!! Lmk if anything falls through