FS (NorCal) 2023 platform camper for Colorado Short Bed

  • Item Description/ Condition: New GFC platform camper used once. In perfect condition. Black body with Grey tent. Front and rear window and side zippers on the tent. Selling because it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for. Installed in Sacramento in March. Get a new camper before your summer adventures!
    Located in Tahoe but willing to drive to sell.

Price: $9k obo

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Can you please post some pics of it?

Let me know if you’re interested. Price is flexible. Thanks

This is the V2 correct? What other options or accessories did you get for the setup?

I just came into a ZR2, inherited from my father in unfortunate circumstances. I currently have a Toyota 4Runner and wheel/overland with that but now that I have the truck, I am thinking I will stick with it and wanted to go the GFC route to make that my wheel/camp vehicle.

I currently am in AZ taking care of his affairs but will be coming back to CA (SoCal) eventually. Just not sure when. Seems like you have all the options I want. THanks for posting the pics.

Sorry to hear that… It is the V2, manufactured in Feb of this year. Essentially brand new, only camped in once. I don’t overland and got it for more of a camping setup and realized it’s just not exactly what I was looking for. The ladder is the only thing I haven’t got. It’s got front and rear glass windows, the side windows on the tent. I also have some custom mounts I’ll include so you can put Yakima bars on top (the yakima bars are more compatible with accessories than the stock bars). This would be a sweet rig with a ZR2. Let me know if you have any other questions!

Actually something I was just reading on GFC, is there a difference between the ZR1 and ZR2 beds? They says they build them to be brand and model specific so I want to be sure it would fit.

What year is the ZR2? They changed the Colorado bodies in 2023 but if it is before that then the beds are exactly the same as long as it is also the short box. If you look here: Supported Vehicles - GoFastCampers GFC doesn’t differentiate between Trims, only Cab and Bed size.

ok just wanted to double check. its a '22 ZR2 and I believe they only came with the short box. This one does.

Sweet, mine is also a '22 so it will definitely fit. I just sent you a private message with my contact info if you have any other questions etc

Hi, curious if this is still up for sale. After seeing the previous conversation on the post wanted to double check. Best!