FS: RAM 1500 V2 GFC Camper - NH

Hey everyone, I’m selling my V2 XL GFC Camper. It’s on a 2020 dodge ram 1500 5’7” bed.

  • Front and rear windows
  • Both tent side doors
  • Grey tent
  • Photo(s):

  • Item Description/ Condition:

The unit has 2 scuffs on the drivers side panel. I picked them up backing out of a tight parking spot. Pretty sure they could be buffed out but it hasn’t bothered me enough yet to do so.

There is also a small tear in the tent fabric. I noticed it the day I picked up the camper, no idea if it was done during the install or while I was camping in Yellowstone that night. It’s maybe an inch long. It could easily be patched but again hasn’t bothered me enough since it’s so small.

Other than that the unit is in great shape! No other issues. Ive spent maybe 20 nights in it.

Comes with the following Upgrades and accessories:

3 beef bars with hardware. Currently not mounted.
When I purchased the camper I got the “Prime cut” beef addition which was about - $900

GFC mantis black ladder setup with hardware - $285

JE designs drip rails - $110

Overland vehicle systems - $1000
Nomadic LT 270 Awning & Wall 1, 2, & Mounting Brackets - Passenger Side

Overland soft goods 1 inch bedding upgrade -$82

GFC fitted red quilt sheets - $95

Mad Cap designs red and white led light strips for the inside of camper, not installed - $385

Lumbering bear 3d printed side rail accessories, for attaching awning while open etc - $25

Iron man 4x4 quick release awning brackets - $130


bedding canopy - $145
Top shelf - $175

I also have the decked drawer system for the truck if you’re interested.

  • Why I’m Selling:

Family is growing and need to get a bigger camping setup. Going to miss it :frowning:

  • Location:

I am located in southern New Hampshire

  • Price:

$8000 or best offer for everything.

Please send all personal information, such as phone numbers and email, via personal message.

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