FS: Salt Lake City - 2x like-new beef bars

I just moved to Austin, TX - but left my beef bars behind in Utah because I took them off when I installed my solar system. They blocked my glued down panels enough to cause a 10x reduction in solar output. They are at my folks’ place in Heber City (about 30-40min from SLC, just south of PC). I’m working on getting some photos, and if you want them they could meet somewhere in Heber City.

If nobody wants these after a month, I’m happy to have them ship them, but I think there’s a good chance someone in the area will want them.

Looking for $200 for both bars (so basically BOGO on MSRP). I’m not willing to split them. All of the hardware is included. They are in great shape, with a couple nicks here and there from being on the camper for about a month. GFC installed them before I picked up the camper.

Photos coming soon, dm me if you’re interested.


I will pay for shipping if you are willing to ship them at this point.

Are they Xl or standard, if they are XL i’m in salt lake and would buy them

Standard, sorry

I will be in Park City from 8/16-8/20. If these are still available then I will swing by and pick em up.

Yeah, shoot me a message when you’re in town and if they’re still around they’re yours