FS: Superilte + Accessories

Selling my GFC Superlite Launch edition.


  • 6 quick release mounts–only needs four, but I find it’s much more stable with all six. You can always use the extras as fidget toys. They are ridiculously satisfying to fiddle with.
  • 4 security locks & keys
  • 1 fixed mounting kit
  • Ladder (not GFC) & mounting kit
  • Fredrunner Fly Blocks

I’ve used this for one road trip, for about 10 days total, so it’s basically new. Was stored indoors in a dry storage unit until this spring. Mounted, used, and then returned to storage.

Located in Seattle, WA–I would prefer a local sale, but would be willing to meet you within a reasonable distance, assuming I can still get it on my roof. I’m in the process of switching racks and mounts so this may not be feasible.

$2,500 OBO

Please reply here, and then email me at josh@japanesejoint.com so I know where to go looking if you end up in my spam folder.