FS: Superlite (Cold Storage) Just taken out of the box!

Bought this from a guy 3 weeks ago who never took it out of the box. He bought it during the last cold storage run and never had a chance to use it. I installed it and took one trip, decided it’s not for me. The tent is in perfect condition and is probably the most “new” superlite you’ll find in the country.

I had a small issue with the bolts coming loose from the mounting rails but just resecured them with loctite and expect the tent to be fine moving forward. There are no rips, tears, scuffs or any imperfections with the tent. This is as new as it gets!

I’m selling because I want a tent that opens off to the side of my jeep and offers both more support and sqft.

Located in PHX, AZ. I can possibly deliver outside PHX metro but would have to negotiate. I have this listed for $2,100 on FB marketplace but my bottom dollar is $1800 for GFC forum users. Comes with ladder and I’ll even throw in a brand new $200 mattress. I will NOT ship.