FS: Superlite (like new)

As much as I don’t want to I’m going to sell the Superlite I just got in November. Job circumstances have changed since I order this in Feb 2021.
It was briefly mounted in December but never saw the rain and the snow only once. Never used so it’s basically new. I’m in King George, VA (about an hour south of DC and an hour north of Richmond). RTT, ladder, and mounting hardware (including the bolts/washers I had to buy to make it work). Local pickup only. Asking $2000.
Let me know if there are any questions.


Pretty cool to see a fellow Superlite owner (at least for the time being) right next door. I live in Caroline County Virginia. From reading your post, it sounds like we were in the same batch. Ordered my Superlite and received it pretty close to your timeline. I would not anticipate you should have too much trouble selling it. I looked into selling mine a while back and had some interest. I’ll see if I can find my old post and pass on the information to you.

Pretty sure I responded to your listing or other folks responding to your post. I was up in the air as to what I wanted to do. Mine was hung up in Montana until I made a decision on delivery - I wanted to pick it up but that wasn’t a good option in November. After all that and the long wait I’ve decided to sell as job circumstances change for me in the winter. Three people were lined up to buy but for various reasons those fell through. Not in a hurry but I do expect it to sell rather quickly.

Very interested. PM sent

i am very interested as well lmk if its still for sale

Still for sale. Let me know if you have any questions.

Hi can’t figure out how to PM but I’ll take it if it’s still for sale, my emails jake.lannetti@gmail.com and we can work out the details

Still for sale. Obviously there are a lot of folks interested and appreciate everyone asking about this! As soon as I have a committed buyer I will note in this listing. To me that will be the first person to send payment. If you’ve reached out and I did not provide the preferred payment method then please PM me. Thanks again for all the interest!

And there it is - SOLD