FS: Superlite, mattress, and ladder

Tent is part of batch 3 (#1445) should be ready sometime next month (Nov '21) with the current production rates.

Used mattress, but new ladder. Both located in Seattle WA area now.

If you are in a hurry and would like to pick up locally, my currently superlite #85 can be picked up with mattress and ladder. Alternately, I can redirect the one I have in production to where ever you need when ready.

Asking $2300

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@mmai Hi Matt - Would you be willing to sell the build spot separately?

Interested in getting it redirected!

I am interested in your Superlite order.

Mattress and ladder are sold. Tent is pending.

@JHusky and @wyowilsons ill keep you updated if buyer backs out.

All items are now sold.