FS/T: 2002 Tacoma access cab 4x4 TRD manual in Las Vegas

Selling my 2002 Tacoma in Las Vegas. It’s the access cab version with manual transmission, 4x4, TRD offroad package. I bought it at 136K miles and it currently has 225K. Selling for $11K OBO, but would also be interested in trading for a fuel-efficient sedan of similar value such as a Corolla or a Prius. Let me know what you have.

Maintenance I’ve done:

  • full synthetic oil changes every 5 to 10K miles (last at 221K)
  • added seafoam and lubed drive shaft ~ every other oil change.
  • spark plugs / wires at 173K
  • differentials and transfer case oil change at 152K and 183K with Redline full synthetic, GL4
  • blower fan replacement at 212K
  • alternator replacement and 3-year Duralast battery at 224K

Other maintenance/repairs done at shops:

  • New BFG KO2s (265/75/16) at 4-wheel parts at 178K
  • Bilstein 5100 shock replacement and add a leaf to springs by 4-wheel parts at 178K
  • Clutch replacement at 192K
  • Timing belt / water pump service at 131K (previous owner) and 202K, they used the pink stuff
  • Tire rotation/balance at 209K and 224K by 4-wheel parts

The bed is rhino lined and comes with an ARE camper shell that I have made some mods to for camping. I added a rack to the top of it that was from a minivan to attach solar panels to run my electric fridge. It also has a bulkhead hose connector to pass the solar wiring through that seals with a garden hose cap when not in use. Some rack bars that attach to the rack are also included. I also added a trailer vent to the roof to allow air to come inside while driving to create positive pressure and reduce dust on dirt roads. Everything was sealed with a combination of silicone and Dicor self-leveling sealant. It does not leak through the roof, though the lower gasket could stand to be replaced on the bed rails and the plastic over below the handle is mostly cracked. Comes with 2 keys to the lock. I can definitley seperate the shell from the truck and knock $500 off the price, as someone is interested in the shell only.

The tires still have ~ 20K left in them, depending on use. The add a leaf is a nice feature for loading up for camping or light towing, but can feel firm on rocky roads without weight in the back. Shocks are still doing good.

The bad:

The frame, axles and springs have some rust, as the previous owners lived in Idaho and Utah. The guy I bought it from said he had Toyota check it and it wasn’t considered bad enough for the recall. I’ve had no issues with it but I know that’s something folks are worried about.

It’s due for new rotors and brakes.

Needs a new windshield (could arrange for it to be replaced if you’re coming to pick it up from out of town). It has a low crack but it is very pitted and hard to see during morning light.

The hood latch mechanism is really hard to close. I have messed with the spring and lubed it up at times but doesn’t seem to matter. You gotta slam it pretty hard to close it all the way (leads to startled looks at the gas station).

The seats fabric are in good shape (seat covers always) but they’re no longer comfortable for long drives. I have a high quality gel seat in the driver’s side that is really comfy, but it’s not very good if you’re over 5’10”. I’m 6 feet tall and my head is so close to the roof that I can’t wear a trucker cap and have to slouch to see stop lights.

The driver’s side of the tailgate is dented and slightly bent from lightly backing into my gf’s Tundra on the first day she had it. Still closes easily, but does let some dust in the shell that I’ve tried to help with a gasket.

Missing one of the rear plastic pieces from the bumper and driver’s front mud flap.

The clutch gets squeaky during cold weather and after not being driven for a while.

The blinkers could be replaced. They still work but the harness holding them in has cracked and they’re just sitting in place. They stay there until you drive on bad washboards, then they fall out and hang on the wiring. Pretty cheap fix.

The driver’s side door handle is on its way out, but I have a spare for it. Ah, the bane of the first gen, the goddamn door handles…

The truck has been garage kept for the last 3 years and I can confidently say it doesn’t leak. I’m selling because I recently bought a used second gen that is a little more roomy for my height and a bit more powerful to compete with these crazy Las Vegas drivers.

I have maintained this truck during my time with it and it has plenty of life with the next owner. I wouldn’t hesitate to drive it across the country right now. Message me for questions or more photos.