FS — V1 2nd Gen Tundra -or- OBS Ford (Bozeman)

Howdy! Time to sell our V1,

This has made an incredible topper and I’ll miss it, but we can count the times on one hand we’ve used it as a camper. I purchased it lightly used with my truck from a former sales director at GFC. It fits well on my OBS Ford but it’s actually intended for the second generation (2007-2021) Tundra 6.5’ bed.

I just dropped the camper off at GFC and had it serviced a few weeks ago to replace slightly shrunken window gaskets and update the embassy hinges with new brackets and hardware to the new stainless version. It’s in great shape, no leaks or creaks, there’s two small scars: a very small wear hole in the tent fabric from a snap that I forgot to have patched while it was in, they said they can patch it when they install it on your vehicle at Go Fast HQ in Bozeman, and also a small scuff on the right front corner bracket from a rock outcropping on a trail. (pictured below)

Additional accessories include clean fitted flannel cushion covers that have only 2 nights use, and light brackets (I’d consider selling the KC Daylighter Halogens too, I never found the time to install the wiring).

For pickup and install at GFC HQ here in Bozeman, We’ll arrange a time with GFC to meet at service and make the swap, You’ll be responsible for their quoted professional install fee of $175 that includes the bed gaskets for your truck.

$6500 Cash / Venmo only. — Text Steve at (406) 579-7333. Happy Trails.

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hi is this still up for sale? I’m very interested and could drive up to bozeman

It is, hit me up with a text or a call and we’ll talk!

is this still available?