FS: V1.5 GFC 2nd Gen Taco 6’ Bed + Build out- $6K PDX (SOLD)

For sale: GFC (Go Fast Camper) V1.5 #802 2nd Gen Tacoma 6’ Bed + Build out $7,000

Please read entire description prior to reaching out

Location: Portland, Oregon

GFC V1.5 w/ upgraded embassy hinges for sale w/ custom aluminum T-slot buildout, accessories included. Will NOT sell separately at this time.

Details are as follows:

GFC Camper
• V1.5 Camper w/ Upgraded Embassy Hinges
• 2 window option (front and rear)
• One side tent door (driver’s side)
• One rear tent door
• Max air fan installed in roof (no leaks, fully functional)
• Steel frame
oIMO, I like the frame better than the newer aluminum frame
• GFC front windscreen
• GFC thule mounting brackets for cross bars + Yakima round crossbars
• All locks fully functional and camper comes with many spare keys

• McMaster Carr T-Slot aluminum buildout/bench/storage
• Mounted via fridge slide and tension rods pushing on the camper
o Also rests on the GFC frame
• Custom Pendleton Mills bench cushions
o Cushions are very comfortable to sleep on as well
• Exceptionally light as it is aluminum and sturdy
• Sections swing open on piano hinges for easy access
• Derin plastic on seats (strong)
• Plastic piece for floor creating contiguous surface
• Bench is perfect for someone to sleep on and you can have 2 people upstairs as well for a total of 3

• VRNCLR bedding catch and top shelf
• Bubble levels (3) in extruded aluminum for level parking
• Propane hot water heater
• Dometic fridge + slide
o I believe this is the second smallest size
o Fully functional and clean
• Iron Man shower curtain and quick release mounting brackets
• Step mount on GFC bracket to make it easy to get up top
• Miscellaneous GFC proprietary nuts for additional accessories
• Matt Gecko LED lights (up and down)

Additional Notes/Disclosures
• Oxidation on the front of the camper on extrusion
o Can likely re-powder coat if desired, price set with this taken into account
• Matt Gecko LED lights may have a short
o Purchased new ones that are included in the sale if they are indeed shorted
• Switch for Matt Gecko LED lights installed into frame
o Can splice off of tail lights for install
• No rust or paint chips on steel frame
• Back tailgate rubber seal had to be reapplied
o Adhesive is fully functional w/ no leaks however application was a bit sloppy on my part. Can easily be raddle canned black if desired as white adhesive shows from the outside
• GFC + Build out is made for 2nd gen Tacoma w/ 6’ bed
o Additional modifications may have to be made for different year or size bed
o Seller makes no guarantee of a fit of build-out on different generations of Tacoma’s or bed sizes whatsoever
o Purchaser will be solely responsible for installation or swap
o Payment must be made in full prior to any work on truck
o Free to make the swap yourself w/ a friend OR scheduled w/ local PDX shop
 Recommended Installers in the PDX area:
• Wanderlust Overland in Oregon City (503) 732-0747
• Mountain Standard in Scappoose (503) 201-3870
*If shop is utilized, purchaser will be responsible for cost
• Acceptable forms of payment
o Cash
o Cashier’s check

Bummed to sell the camper and the build-out however the time has finally come as I no longer use it enough to justify keeping it. The build out is truly unique and makes the camper so much more livable while also maintaining the utilitarian factor when needed. I honestly get heaps of comments and questions on the buildout, more so than I do on the camper and was so fortunate to have a friend help during the build-out process. Please PM me with any additional questions.

Thank much,


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Hi, I contacted Mountain Standard via email today and once I follow up with them I would be interested in talking about purchasing your build and GFC. I am confirming with them that it will fit on my gen 1.

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So I contacted GFC myself and I’m going to have to pass. Thanks and good luck!

Nice build! I’m in the build queue.

I’m curious about the make/model of fridge and what you’re using to power it.

Good luck on the sale :four_leaf_clover:

Fridge is a Dometic cfx 35 that is being run off a dual battery in the front!

Bump: Price reduction $6,000

Camper is now SALE PENDING

Camper is SOLD