FS: V1 GFC & 2018 Tacoma Long Bed

Truck and camper $37,900. 63k miles. Firm on price. San Jose, CA

TRD org owner.

Second owner I believe on GFC. Good condition for Gen 1.

  • Why I’m Selling: must sell my truck to keep my house in a ridiculous divorcé settlement. 49er SBLs gotta go too.


Please send all personal information, such as phone numbers and email, via personal message.

Sorry about devorce.

You want to sell your camper separately? Up in north bay, looking for a gfc long bed.

Is that rust on back panel?

Does it have the v2 updates hinges etc?


$5900 for camper only.

Still available? I am located in Morgan Hill

Yes. It’s still available.

$5500 for the GFC
$33,300 for the truck.
Get it while it lasts.

$32,000 for the truck.
$5100 for the GFC.

No time to wait. Meet you at a Home Depot in between us on Saturday to take the camper off my hands and help me save my family home.

I’m on the clock.


$4900 for the camper.

SOLD! :smiling_face_with_tear: