FS V1 GFC with accessories for 6.5ft bed Tundra - Seattle area

Selling my GFC off a 2014-2021 tundra 6.5 foot bed. It has a solar panel, solar panel racks from gfc, lithium battery, goal zero, diesel heater, dometic fridge/freezer, custom drawer, awnings, room enclosure for awning and is in great shape. $8500 for everything,

Seattle area

I’m interested in everything but the drawer (we already have a decked system). How many years have you own the GFC? Are there any tears, malfunctions, loose parts, etc. just trying to better understand the overall condition it’s in. Could you add pictures of tent open?


hi, is this still up for sale? im interested, pretty sure this would fit an 07 tundra correct?

Sorry for the late reply, I’ve been moving and hadn’t checked this forum for replies. I think it would fit an 07 but would suggest verifying that with GFC. I’ll try to get pictures of it popped up sometime this week. It sounds like a guy might be coming up from Oregon this week but I’m not sure yet. I’m not doing any holds. It’s in good shape with no tears, malfunctions or loose parts.

Interested in your camper set up. Still for sale?

Is this still for sale?

Still for sale?

Still for sale?