FS: V2 Camper 2nd Gen 2020 Colorado 6ft Bed in Wyoming - updated with pricing

I am thinking of moving to a bigger truck and selling, as a package or separate.

2020 Colorado Z71 Duramax with lots of options, 75250 mileage, daily driver. I added a block heater, 1" level lift to the front through the dealer, and a set of firestone airbags on the rear (can be removed). Great truck overall, fits the KBB bill for very good condition, two sets of tires (A/T and snow, both sets with about 10K miles on them total). Could use a detail, I have little kids!

Gen2 Camper with just the rear door, no side tent doors, front and rear windows on the panels, has the GFC beefy racks and a rollout ARB awning.

I don’t have a lot of photos yet, but can get more to those interested. I’m in Jackson, WY, which can be a total pain to get to in the winter!

Not sure on pricing, the KBB on the Duramax seems very low to what I am seeing in the used market. The truck lands somewhere between 25 - 30K, and the used camper is between 6500 - 8000 based on pricing in the forum.

Let me know if you’re interested and I can get more photos and land on an asking price. Or trade me for your full size rig…

Here is a few unhelpful photos!

Update, camper at $6500, truck at $26500, knock some off for a package deal! I’d send it along with snow and A/T tires, since I have them and wouldn’t need them.

Some dirty winter pics.

What dimensions are the bed?