FS: V2 for 5.5' Bed 2015+ F150 $6000 OBO Bozeman MT

Moved to a Four Wheel Camper, so time to sell the beloved Go Fast!

Unit #1525. Built in 2021 for my 2018 short bed F150. Black camper, orange tent

  • Beef Bars
  • Universal Brackets
  • Windows and side doors
  • Matt Gecko light kit
    *Drip Trays
  • All updates done to hardware, etc

The camper has some scratches on the side panels from bushwhacking, and a dent/marred spot on the rear panel from a motorcycle handlebar rubbing on a long drive. It’s been used and loved. Everything else is in great condition!

I can install the camper personally with a winch lift, and I live 25 mins from the GFC headquarters if you’d prefer. Only part needed for the swap is a new bulb seal kit from GFC for your truck bed (left mine on). I can source that ahead of time.

I have loved this thing and would be keeping it if a sweet FWC deal didn’t come up.

Reach out with any questions!