FS V2 GFC tundra 6.5

GFC Go fast camper 4Sale build 1834 delivered sept 2021
Fits 6.5 tundra
flat black 2 windows
Currently in south Louisiana Traveling north n May Wva ,Va,Md

I am guessing this is sold but if not, shoot me a message.

Not sold , what’s your location? You may call or text any questions , steve 3373160041

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Measurements ,any questions ?
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Steve, I am still interested if you haven’t sold the camper. Pending what your plans are for travel back to MD, I could probably meet you in November.

Yes I still have the GFC , plans to return to md are on hold for this year, it could happen but more likely next spring , March-may Stay in touch I’ll update when I have a plan. Also when I do go to md I will be leaving the GFC there in storage until sale

Do you know if this would fit the 3rd gen tundra? I haven’t purchased my truck yet but would definitely be interested. I’m located just a bit west of Houston

Hey I tried to send reply with pics but it came back if you text me or. CAll I can send pics of measurements 80” x 67”
Steve 3373160041
And I will try to post pics here as well