FS: V2 Platform RTT for sale in Colorado (5th gen 4Runner)

Hey ya’ll - Got my V2 RTT installed in Belgrade end of March. Have slept in it exactly two nights. It’s in perfect shape.

I paid:
$3900 RTT
$289 Ladder and Mantis claws
$120 catch kit for ladder (2x)
$599 Mounting kit for 4Runner
$100 Shittco Awning Hack
$150 Install

$5158 Total

It’s yours for $4500, and save yourself the gas money up to MT.

I’m in Glenwood Springs.

The mounting kit is specific to the 4runner so you wouldn’t need it. Price without is $4k. GFC sells a sort of universal mount that would make it easy for you to get on the topper. I’d give them a call or search on youtube, feel like I saw a video of that.

Hi, is this GFC tent still available?