FS: XL GFC for Nissan Titan

XL GFC for Nissan Titan. Includes front/rear windows, beef racks, fitted sheets, awning racks, and ARB awning. $8,000

Also selling the truck, if interested let me know.

Where are you located?

I’m in the Denver area

5.5ft bed? Any idea if it will fit the Ford bed?

If it was for an XD I would say sold.

Yep 5.5 foot bed. I have another person that’s interested who’s waiting on a call back from GFC on whether it might work on a F150.

Thanks, if they pass and it fits the ford bed I’m definitely interested

I am the one that was trying to find out if it will work on a F150, after speaking with GFC they said the only way to know for sure is by trying to put it on a F-150. After measuring again I believe the anchor points are to narrow to work for a F-150. But that is just my guess. Im 12 hrs from Chad and I dont have the guts to drive that far to see if it works. But if someone is willing, Im curious if it does fit. Chad is a super nice guy and someone will be getting a great GFC!

I just took some more measurements:

-The outside width of the camper at the rear mounts is about 66 inches.

-The width of the bed, measured between the top of the bed rails at the rear mounts, is about 62 1/4 inches.

-The width of the rear mounts is about 60 1/8 inches when measured at the center point of the mounting holes. The holes in the mounts are elongated, allowing about 1 inch of adjustment.

-The height of the bottom of the camper over the top of the bed (area extending over the cab) is about 24 inches.

Hope that helps.