Full-timing in gfc thoughts?

Wondered who is full-timing in their gfc? Any recommendations to make truck camper life comfortable? Ideally I want to keep the set up minimal but understand a fridge and portable battery would be useful. I live in a mountain town and would mainly be staying in urban areas and not much overlanding, and would have memberships to gym/shower and co-working space. Just looking for a way to save on rent that’s getting more crazy these days. I’d likely rent a room or travel somewhere warmer for winter months. Hobbies are mountain sports. What are your thoughts / opinions? Is this crazy? In an ideal world I would probably have a van but Tacoma is what I have.

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It’s not crazy, people have and do live in cars ( I lived in a 72 Volkswagen type 3 long ago). That said setting up a rtt in urban environments can attract attention quickly. If you have driveways of friends or koa spots it gets much easier.


I’m currently building my Tacoma for doing exactly this. It’s getting expensive, but I’m going quality on everything. I’m doing a dual battery system and getting deployable solar panels for when I’m stationary. I also have a fridge. I’m building the truck from stock to a good OffRoad rig. To include proper lighting, better bumpers and proper recovery gear.

I’m starting in July and heading straight for Alaska. That’s my only for sure destination at this point. I’ll let the road take me wherever from there.