FWC Eagle for a GFC?

I spent 8 months living in my Four Wheel Camper Eagle in the back of my Tacoma, 6’ bed. Now that I’m just a weekend warrior, I’m interested in a GFC setup. Wondering if anyone is interested in a deal, trade + cash situation. Located in New England, but would drive for the right deal.

FWC is loaded for living out of, 2016, front dinette setup, most of the bells and whistles. See pictures below.

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I think I’m willing to buy you a new GFC if that eagle is clean and everything works.

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Im interested in this but Im in Arizona. Let me know if the deal is still on the table.

List price for just selling it? I’ve been contemplating getting another FWC, had an Eagle that I full timed out of in the past


Still looking to sell my FWC before winter (haven’t listed it yet), would like to get a GFC to replace it. 6’ Tacoma bed. Would be interested in a trade (+ cash) deal.

New England located.