Gaps in tent corners / short keder core?

My tent has gaps in the corners, especially the driver side front (see photo). It looks like the rope or whatever core is being used to slide into the keder rail does not extend as far as needed to actually hold the fabric in place.

I’ve seen another post mentioning a gap and leaks so I tried the remedy there of mostly closing the tent to remove tension on the fabric and sliding it into place. But this made no difference because there’s nothing holding it into the keder rail.

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That doesn’t look ideal. Have you contacted GFC?

Not yet I just noticed how bad it was this morning.

You just picked up your camper right? I should make notes for things to look for when I pick my camper up in September.

Yeah my install was June 7.

It’s possible the Cord is too short, and I’m sure we’d be glad to schedule you in and fix that.

Could you check the other end and there should be a hole where the cord would go into it. IF you can see the cord in there, it’s possible to push it all the way into place, just don’t go too far to cause problems for the other side.

LMK, sorry to hear. Happy to help.

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@ChrisTechOfficial thanks for the reply. The core seems too short on the other end too (if I’m looking at the right spot). Here’s a couple pics:

Thanks for the extra images. It seems like it is only the corners that would be held with cord that runs from the front to back of the camper, yes?

Yes I can see the transverse cores on both sides front and back. Looks like those ones might be aluminum rods that extend all the way into the holes in the unpainted camper corners.

It’s just the ones running longitudinally that seem short.

Did you get any resolution on this from GFC? I just picked my camper up last week and also have some gaps in the corners similar too but maybe not quite as bad as your pics.

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@nsmitha yes, GFC has confirmed they will fix it under warranty. I will probably take it in next summer when I normally travel through Montana to the PNW.

I plan to stuff towels in the corners to keep bugs out of the gaps if needed but it hasn’t been a problem yet.

All in all, I love the camper!


Not to start a fire here… Kind of seems like this is a consistent QC issue on V2s then.

I noticed a similar gap on one of the GFC’s at Overland Expo Mountain West.

I’ll have to keep an eye out when I pick mine up in two weeks. I’d hate to not notice it during the install.


Same. I’m not driving back to Maine with gaps.

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Bumping this thread. Used our new RTT in the PNW rain this weekend. Water from the small corners. Waiting on a message from support but is the fix here really to take it back into the shop?

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@ChrisTechOfficial @GFC_Support

Wondering if one of y’all can chime in. Is this a consistent quality issue that GFC is aware of? Seems like units are still being installed with a known issue? Just wondering what is being done to resolve this. Cheers.

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That gap is there so the fabric doesn’t get too tight and rip. That was what I was told from GFC.

I was told the same thing but still going back and forth with them about it

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Support told me to push that in. I have it sticking out on both front and back horizontally. I can’t make it budge.

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That just happened to me the other day. Had a couple of inches sticking out and I thought it was a branch or something in the dark. I tried to pull it out and realized it wasn’t a branch after a foot or more came out. Oops. I tried gently pushing it back in to no avail so I pulled it all the way out. I emailed GFC and there is going to be someone in my area in a few weeks who should be able to reinstall it under warranty. They said I shouldn’t attempt it myself. Screwed up New Year’s Eve camping plans…Oh well.

oops I thought those holes in the corner were normal, guess i should submit a support request too for mine which was installed in late nov. my little green things have been sticking out about a cm. always wondered about those, now i know what they’re for!

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