Garage clean out- battery trays, awning mounts

Found some parts in the garage and I’m sure someone here could use them more than I.

Off Grid Engineering 2005-Current Toyota Tacoma Auxiliary Battery Tray (TRD Off-Road and TRD Pro Only)
$180 (includes PayPal 3% G&S fee and CONUS shipping)
Bought it, mounted it in the truck for a month, then pulled it out and sold the truck…

Never even installed this. Don’t remember why I bought two battery trays…I had to open the box and packaging to see what this was and get pictures…
$80 (includes PayPal 3% G&S fee and CONUS shipping)

GFC Universal Mounting Brackets (old style)
$100 for the pair (includes PayPal 3% G&S fee and CONUS shipping)
These are pre-Embassy hinge upgrade on my V1. They may fit the V2? These are the old style that require all three tracks open for mounting.

I was just looking at battery trays! Does that one not work this SR5 models?

Same here battery tray

I think there was equipment in the spot where the tray mounts that the TRD Offroad didn’t have.

I’ll snag those older style V1 awning brackets from ya if they are still available?

They are available. I’m on the road right now, should be home Thursday or Friday. I can give you a shout when I get home if you want and we can get everything arranged.

Yeah that’ll work well as we also leave tomorrow morning to be on the road thru Thursday.

Consider them sold. This’ll be my second set as I built a 270 awning for our other rig and just need to snag some brackets.

Thanks, Tim

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Newer brackets sold, listing updated.

bump, still have the stuff