Gauging interest on V1 tent

I’m putting a feeler out to see if anyone would be interested in purchasing my V1 double-sided tent from my standard camper. It’s the second version of the V1 fabric, not the unbreathable first version. Thinking about upgrading to a newer version of tent fabric.

Might want to add what truck it’s on and bed size. Good luck

It’s not the camper, just the tent. Standard campers all have the same tent dimensions.

Ohh gotcha my bad lol

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It’s all good! I should have been more clear.

I’m looking for a older V1 standard tent (without double doors). But depending on how much you are selling yours for, I may be interested.

I have the older V1 tent material (truck tarp like). Curious, are you getting away from the newer style material to get the old style? ?

No, I am talking with GFC about upgrading my hinges and we started talking about upgrading my tent too. My current tent is 100% fine and barely a year old, I just want more tent doors. I was just trying to see if there was a market for my current tent material before I shelled out $$$.

I won’t scoop @jaredology - but I have one I would sell too. So if he sells his and someone else is interested contact me.

Like @jaredology - I just wanted side doors. Otherwise I’m perfectly happy with Gen 1.

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@Slowboater, @jaredology – what’s the process like for upgrading to the v2 tent? Do they remove the snap fittings and install the rails (?) that hold the v2 tent? I’m also interested in upgrading, not for more doors but because the gaps between the snaps are annoying.

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From my conversations with GFC, it’s not the keder rail system. They are still utilizing the snaps unfortunately for retro-fit upgrades. The snaps aren’t my favorite but I have not had an issue so far (#538). For me, its about upgrading to the latest tent material and also gaining more tent doors.

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@jaredology- how much are you selling it for? Where are you located and can you provide pics?

@Slowboater same questions for you if you can. Or make a new post so we don’t hijack OPs post. Thanks all

Out of respect of @jaredology - I’m going to wait to see if he sells his first. I don’t want to be a dick. :slight_smile:

I’m in Vancouver BC.


I’ve actually decided not to sell! Eli from GFC told me the tent I would be purchasing has the exact same fabric, just one more tent door. I couldn’t justify spending $700 for just an extra tent door. Now is your time @Slowboater!

@jaredology Ha Ha!

I bought my new tent too early. It cost me a grand! Then they lowered the price. Bummer.

I’m in Vancouver BC. PM me if you’re interested in the old tent. Again, I only bought a new one because I wanted a side door. I haven’t even taken the old one off yet.

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