Gen 3 Tundra Brake Light Hookup

Anyone had luck connecting the third brake light on a gen 3 tundra?

Before I delve into wiring diagrams, I was hoping to save myself the effort and plagiarize off someone else :slight_smile:

Plus, I know there has been some issues with hooking up the third brake lights and any opportunity to avoid electrical issues I’ll gladly take.

I hooked mine up a few months ago, right after returning from my installation. I watched a couple of videos before proceeding, but it wasn’t too hard at all. The worst part was just ensuring the wiring was routed appropriately after connecting everything.

Oops, sorry, missed the “tundra” part. For what it’s worth, my taco hasn’t had any issues since hooking up the brake light.

Anyone help on this? have a 3rd gen tundra install next month. TIA